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The Shakti Code Ecourse, a seven week online journey to menstrual wellbeing, optimal fertility and self awareness. For women who want to learn about ancient healing practices, moon cycles, Conscious Conception, Menstrual healing, fertility awareness, Ayurveda and women's wisdom for personal healing and growth or for practitioners interested in women's health wanting to learn these tools to support other women.


Starting with the Newmoon ☽

this is a self paced course but its recommended to dedicate 1-2 hours a week including the practices and meditations and follow along with the current moon phase each week for seven weeks.


You have excess to this content for life and everything is downloadable for you as a keepsake.



Course CurriculumWelcome - What to expectWhat to expect - Welcome Video (8:59)Invocation Meditation- Initiation into the Shakti Code Womb Activation meditationHer-Story with Jane Hardwicke Collings


DownloadsAlternate Nostril Breathing vido Castor Oil pack VideoSelf fertility massage Video Yoni womb Steam Video Bonus Ebook library


Week One- Newmoon - Intention & Daily Self care routine

Newmoon MeditationNewmoon Week One videoSelf Abdominal & Womb Massage Tutorial Alternate Nostril Breathing Practice


Week Two - Waxing Moon- Renewal, Moon cycles, hormones & Fertility Awareness

Waxing Moon MeditationWeek Two - Waxing moon Video


Week Three - Fullmoon- Illumination- Sacred Menstruation, Rituals, Natal moon psychology & Lunar Fertility

Fullmoon Meditation Week Three - Fullmoon


Week Four- Waning moon- Surrender- Ayurveda, Fertility and Menstruation. PCOS, Endo, Fibroids & menopauseWaning Moon MeditationWeek Four - Waning moon


Week Five - Newmoon- Nourish- Herbal Plant medicine, Oils, Superfoods, Seed Cycling and Conscious conceptionNewmoon meditationWeek Five - Newmoon - Nourish


Week Six- Waxing Moon- Creation- Masculine & Feminine energy + Concious creation with Kaitlin O'Connor

Waxing Moon MeditationWeek Six- Waxing Moon- Creation Webinar


Week Seven - Fullmoon- Shamanic Drum Journey Meditation Closing Circle

Fullmoon Shamanic Drum Journey Meditation into Yoni Temple for Insight




"Holliea has beyond changed my life. My cycle that used to be very unpredictable is now a set amount of normal days and enjoyable, something I NEVER thought possible. And all by implementing the beautiful self healing practices she recommends. I couldn't thank her more. Holliea is a beautiful, healing soul that I'm so grateful my own soul found!" ALANA , NSW


"This course has allowed me to align with my primal self. I felt like I went back to the basics and now my body is thanking me for putting Holliea's teachings into practice. My soul recognized these practices and invited them in with ease. I am glad to have this resource to refer to when needed. I recommend this for every woman who is looking to explore, heal, and thrive in their bodies. Thank you so much Holliea!"BRITTANY, USA


"It's amazing that I can access the videos and all the information at any time, from anywhere, for life! I would totally recommend this to my friends. I have done it already!!! Thank you for your passion, Holliea. Thank you for sharing yourself with us and thank you for being so professional in sharing it. All my love from the other side of the world." OLIVIA, SOUTH AMERICA


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The Shakti Code Ecourse

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