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Empowering women to become their own healers


Holliea Fairleigh

Founder of Shakti Holistic Healing in 2012

Ayurvedic, Fertility Practitioner, Shamanic Doula & Postnatal Doula,  Womb & Menstruation healer

At a young age Holliea had hypothyroidism and polycystic ovarian syndrome as well as other precursor ailments, the fast paced modern life stopped making sense, This lead her on a healing journey of study and self empowerment...

Holliea's souls purpose is to guide women back to their own Innate healing wisdom, the ancient knowledge that is locked up within them. To empower women to be their own healers, to show them the way to connect back to the radiant, flowing feminine essence. To know their own bodies better than anyone and To have a deep trust in the womb's processes, Menstruation, fertility, pregnancy and birth. 

"Our body has all the tools to heal, we just have to listen and trust"


☽☥☾ Why I want to work with you

An enjoyable and sacred menstrual cycle, conception, pregnancy and birth is a women's birthright!

Most importantly, the health of our next generation is in our hands, To create conscious conception, Pregnancy and Birth, where the mother and father are in the best possible health, Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our personal healing determines the future on so many levels!

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Sacred Menstruation Ecourse


Holliea has beyond changed my life. My cycle that used to very unpredictable is now a set amount of normal days, something I NEVER thought possible and all by implementing the beautiful self healing practices she recommends.. I couldn't thank her more. She is a beautiful healing soul that I'm so grateful my soul found!"


I had a womb healing session with beautiful Holliea, and wow, I wish every woman could experience her magic. The way she held space for me and my womb healing journey was so special. I felt so incredibly supported and cared for. She holds endless knowledge and wisdom around the womb space, and was able to teach and guide me through ways in which I can be better supporting my body and deepening my healing practice. I would 100% recommend and I already can’t wait for my next session.


This course has allowed me to align with my primal self. I felt like I went back to the basics and now my body is thanking me for putting Holliea's teachings into practice. My soul recognized these practices and invited them in with ease, each session contains so much vital information! I am glad to have this resource to refer to when needed. I recommend this for every woman who is looking to explore, heal, and thrive in their bodies. Thank you so much Holliea!



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