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Shamanic Doula

Working on the physical, energetic and spiritual realms to ensure the mother is held during her journey through the birth portal. 

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My intention is to ignite ceremony and sacredness into the birth space and mother blessing ceremonies, with a grounded and resourceful presence, in service to the mother and the family. Holding space so the mother feels safe, held, supported, nourished,  grounded, and embodied as the goddess birth shaman that she is. 


Mother Blessing

The term 'Blessingway' is often interchanged with Mother blessing, Belly blessing or Mama blessing as we like to call it. A Blessingway is a sacred Navajo ceremony and out of respect for the Navajo people we choose to use the term Mama blessing or Belly blessing instead 


A Belly blessing  is a sacred pre-birth ceremony that celebrates a woman's rite of passage into motherhood or rite of passage into a mother of multiple children. Those attending celebrate the mother as a circle of women supporting and holding space for the pregnant mothers birth and post natal phase. A sisterhood, the welcoming of a new baby and honor a women's journey into birth and motherhood.

I support the event organising and invitation process, I arrive earIy to heIp set up the sacred space ready for everyones arrivaI, creating a sacred centre aItar.

The ceremony wiII run for 1-2 hours with an hour to mingIe or do art (prayer fIags)

My service is $444+ traveI


Shamanic doula

I am a post natal Ayurvedic doula, shamanic midwife ( not medically trained), I am an Ayurvedic herbalist and photographer. 


The birth space to me is the most sacred experience in Life to be apart of, I see it as a spiritual and energetic experience, a portal. 

Its a sensitive and sacred time. 


I see that any issues that arise in birth as spiritual or energetic, and any physical issues are symptom of something energetic. 


My role in birth is an energetic space holder, of course of physical heIp in service with practical aspects when needed for you or your family. 


I Love to bring in sage, fire ceremony, herbs and my medicine drum if it resonates.


 I would Love to connect with the birth goddesses of your Iiniage and invite them into the birth space with prayer or chants if that resonates and I have permission to do that. 

Shamanic douIa package

  • 3 pre-nataI meetings

  • Birth support during active labor and after birth

  • Birth photography & video ( 30-100  images and a 3-8 minute snippet video with music)

  • 3 post nataI visits

  • (not including travel)

  • $3300

Birth Pool Hire: Beige earthy Birth pool available for hire $188 for 4 weeks (need to buy your own liner)


I would Love to facilitate a Belly Blessing ceremony with you 4-8 weeks before your due date. I charge $444 for a 2 hour ceremony and usually your guest aII put in for this amount as a gift for you and I ask them to bring a blessing bead, some flowers for the altar and a plate of food to share. I bring some decor, art supplies, cards and crystals.

Its a beautiful way to feel nourished, supported and honoured by your community. 

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Birth Photography

With 20 years photography and video experience internationaIIy, bringing sacred, grounded energy into your birthspace and capturing the essence and emotionaI memories of your birth. 

$2200+ traveI (100-500 images and a 5 minute birth snippet video)

Cooking Eggs

Pregnancy & Post partum support

Ayurvedic and shamanic pregnancy and post-nataI support, including custom to what is needed by the mother and family.  which may be cleaning, cooking, child care, herbal support, massage, yoni steaming, food deliveries  or anything that may be required to support the mother and family.

$220 per  1.5hr visit + traveI


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Our Clients Say

"Holliea is an absolute gem! She stepped into my bitth space just knowing where she needed to be and what needed to be done. She was unafraid and stood in her power to enable me to do what I needed to do internally. She assisted with my 4 year old when he needed consoling, she assisted with my husband when the need was there and she helped me immensely with her back massages (game changer) when the surges were intensifying. Holliea is a true embodiment of a Birth Goddess and I don't say that lightly. She has helped me feel empowered to birth my baby girl at home and my family and I are indebted to her eternally. She also went above and beyond with post natal care, organizing meals, doing light house chores & supplying breast milk when we needed. She is worth her weight in gold. Added bonus was that her photography & videography skills will allow us to share these beautiful memories with our baby in the future. Thank you so much Holliea we love you so much"

Josephine & Afa 

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