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As women we have the capacity to heal and evolve. We need to connect back with our inherit wisdom, the cycle and intuition within us all.


The Sacred Immersion

Sacred menstruation is a spiritual practice ~ your body is the temple, your blood the sacrament. 

Holliea Fairleigh




A Seven Week Journey to Menstrual Wellbeing
& Optimal Fertility 

The Shakti Code


  • Connection with our cycles

  • Connection of our mind and body

  • Connection of the heart and womb

  • Connection with other women


Do you feel disconnected to your femininity?

Do you have menstrual issues?

Do you feel disconnected from yourself?

Do you want to learn more about your body?

how to balance your hormones?

Reduce anxiety and depression?

Live more in harmony with Nature and its Cycles?

Learn about the moon cycles?

Connect with the four seasons of the menstrual cycle and the four goddess archetypes!

Copy of Olive Green Papercraft Art  DIY YouTube Channel Art.png

Our Clients Say


The Shakti Code ecourse was my light in a time where I had no where else to turn with my endometriosis. Modern medicine failed me and when I started the course, I knew in my heart and womb this was the right thing to do. I learned an abundant of powerful, helpful wisdom from Holliea. Connected and gave love to my sacred womb space. This ecourse helped to heal my endometriosis and will forever hold a space in my heart.


Karyssa USA

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