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Sacred Menstruation

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Spiritual practice.    healing.   self care.   awareness.   power.   manifestation 


Ayurvedic Alchemist, Natural Fertility Coach, Energy Healer and Shamanic Midwife Holliea presents

Sacred Menstruation

Sacred menstruation is a spiritual practice ~ your body is the temple, your blood the sacrament.


My offering to you...

My lifes work, compiled into a deep four week journey, with lifetime tools to support your journey. 


 I offer you the tools to embody, reconnect and re-member the sacredness inherent in our menstrual cycle .

Join me for a deeply transformative Live Workshop about womens health, sacred menstruation and a divine goddess invocation!

This is a deep journey of re-membrance, to radical healing and self-love. Through Ayurvedic practices and ancient rituals, learn how to honour your body and unlock the power and magic that the menstrual cycle has to offer. 


Once you enrol Each week you will receive 

  • Goddess invocation & light language meditations

  • Potent video transmissions on healing and self care with Holliea

  • All Downloadable resources to keep

  • Breathwork practices with Holliea

  • Yoga practices with Anna

  • Online journal entries

  • Bonus activations, meditations and practices

  • Weekly menstrual Embodiment playlists

  • lifelong access to the community 

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