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Concious Conception

Conscious conception

Any lifestyle choices that have been made in the last 4 months will be apart of the current sperm and egg, this includes alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, chemicals, poor diet choices, poor digestion and stress.

Conscious conception period before couples want to conceive is vitally important as prior to conception the egg is produced 3 months and the sperm 4 months.

A good detox and organic and nutrient rich choices and regular fertility massages all have a huge impact on the health of the sperm and egg and the development and health of your future baby.

Conscious Conception will make all the difference a 120 day Conscious Conception detoxification and rejuvenation program.

Enhance fertility optimise babies health and development future.Reduce risk of miscarriages and pregnancy complications reduce risk of morning sicknessNew nutrient rich, nourished and strong sperm and ovum to give your baby to best start in life.

40% of infertility and 80% of miscarriages  are  due to imbalance and compromised immune system, the number one cause being stress.

When your stressed and in the fight and flight mode, your body will most likely not ovulate as the body is in “survival mode” and reproducing is the last of the bodies priorities. This is the foundation for many hormone and immune issues. Different kinds of Stress can effect different body types in different ways, some people kick into the fight and flight mode by simply writing an important email or running late for work. keep that in-mind.

Fertility relies on both male and female, 50% man and 50% women at the time of conception. after conception it is 100% the women’s responsibility to nourish herself and the baby and the fathers responsibility to shower the mother to be with love and support.

It makes sense that a healthy sperm and egg create a healthy baby. Depleted or toxic sperm and egg and nutrition deficiencies during pregnancy cause deficiencies in the future baby, this can lead to development issues, depending on the severity some may not be apparent at birth and take till the age of 7 to show.

Less healthy sperm and egg lead to less healthy babies and become lead to less healthy children and now you can see how our diet and lifestyle choices and awareness are effecting the next generation.

Natural health support and conscious conception reduces risks of miscarriage and pregnancy complications.

Sperm and Ovum are produced 3-4 months prior to conception, 0-8 weeks the foundation of organs, systems and tissues are developing foundations, conscious conception gives you the tools to know you are pregnant 14 days after conception.

The Fertility Scare

Many women in todays society will experience some kind of “infertility scare” at some point in there reproductive years as disorders of the reproductive organs become more common in women living modern lives, such ailments as Endometriosis, PCOS, Fibroids, amenorrhoea, dysmenorrhoea and hormone imbalances and with the word Infertility being thrown around much more then it need be, New Zealand researcher fear that rates of fertility issues and medical intervention with conception are up to 1 in 3 couples, the panic button is being pushed too soon.

According to a recent study published in The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, one in three Australian women who have their first baby with the help of assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF fall pregnant again without treatment within two years.

Despite widespread sex education and increased public awareness of the issue of infertility, many people still don’t really get it; a study from New Zealand, for instance, showed that 74% of women presenting to a fertility clinic had inadequate fertility awareness.

Once the “fertility panic button” is hit with respect to infertility, being a women and feeling our core purpose in life is to reproduce and be a mother, we will go through anything to achieve this and most of the time medical intervention, drugs and IVF are the first point of call.

Medical Intervention with such things as IVF and Ovulation stimulation Drugs like Clomid; don’t give the couple the opportunity to address the root cause of the current “infertility” and having high chances of passing the imbalance down to the offspring.

In Ayurveda the Reproductive system is the last of the bodily systems, channels or tissues to be nourished. meaning that if there is an imbalance in the reproductive system and an issue with fertility there is Malabsorption or toxic build up further down the line. This would most likely start in the digestive system and could be linked to the Immune system and Lymphatic, blood and circulatory, bone and marrow, fat and muscle or nervous system, all systems in the body need to be assessed and balanced.

Natural Fertility Support.

Natural Fertility takes a holistic approach supporting the future mother and father through diet and lifestyle changes, fertility massage, herbal medicines, digestion for proper absorption of nutrients, detoxication and rejuvenation. Allowing a 120 day period for the ovum and sperm to receive optimum nourishment, reducing stress and toxins from the environment and lifestyle and creating the environment to invite a baby into the body and home naturally.

Coming off the Pill… sooner the better.

It is advised to come off the pill at least 1 year prior to conception taking place to allow the body to detoxify the hormones from the pill and rejuvenate and balance the reproductive organs.

Aside from the long list of potential side effects birth control pills can deplete important nutrients.

These nutrients include: Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Magnesium and Zinc. Vitally important nutrients for pregnancy and the developing baby.

For some women they might begin to ovulate straight away but for most it takes 3-6 months or in most cases I’ve seen 1 years time. It doesn’t matter when your cycle returns or when you begin to ovulate again it is vitally important to allow your body proper time to detoxify and rejuvenate after periods of taking the pill; even more so if it has been over a long period of time. the hormones and chemicals in the pill get stored in the liver and cause stagnation, a liver detox and supportive herbs like dandelion and milk thistle are advised. Fertility massage is advised to support the womb and ovaries remove stagnation and allow proper circulation to the reproductive system.

Learning Fertility awareness and to identify your fertile window

Systems of fertility awareness rely on observation of changes in one or more of the primary fertility signs (basal body temperature, cervical mucus, and cervical position), tracking menstrual cycle length and identifying the fertile window based on this information, or both. Other signs may also be observed: these include breast tenderness and ovulation pains. This is necessary to learn to fertility awareness so that you can avoid pregnancy for the 1 year period after coming off the pill and once the time comes you will know your body and the perfect timing to become pregnant.

Thank you to to my teacher Clare Blake from for the inspiration and materials for this blog.

Clare is currently running workshops and courses in Australia check out her website for more information.

For Fertility Consultation and conscious conception program with Shakti Holistic Healing

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