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Stress & Anxiety - the modern killer

{ S T R E S S  &  A N X I E T Y }

1 in 10 australians and 12% of female Australians are suffering from diagnosed anxiety, however I feel this number would be more around 50% as most women are unaware there level of stress is anxiety and we can feel alone and don’t ask for help. Studies have shown that 1 in 10 Australians reported that current stress is having some physical impact on there health while 1 in 5 reported that stress is currently impacting their physical health.

When under stress our bodies intelligence is impaired affecting our systems mainly digestion and reproductive through hormones and tension.

Our body only has two states; Rest and Digest and Fight & Flight.

Are you mainly resting and digesting or fight and flying?

These term come from the cave man days. The cave people were either chilling out, eating and resting or in the fight and flight state, using adrenaline to catch their food or running from the saber tooth tiger to save their life. There was a good balance of the two back then but now most of us are in the fight and flight state which pretty much switches off our digestive system and our reproductive system. With our modern daily lives consisting of running from A to B, exams, family stresses, busy jobs, pressure on ourselves and excess exercise.. with no awareness to switch back into the rest and digest state to enjoy and digest a meal or to rest and have a proper night sleep. Do you see the picture?

So the fight and flight response (stress) activates hormones in your body which releases adrenaline and a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol (the bad guy here) then steels your progesterone (reproductive and youth hormone) to produce more cortisol. This causes an excess of estrogen (along with exposure to plastics)

The symptoms of this is tummy fat, sleep issues, active mind, digestive issues, gas & bloating, elimination issues, ovulation issues and mensuration issues. Sound familiar?

How do we treat this? the first step is awareness.. to put your hand up and realise that you are suffering from stress and anxiety from the fight and flight response.. which in long-term turns to adrenal fatigue and ofcourse all the symptoms already mentioned affecting your reproductive and digestive system.

~ S L O W ~ D O W N~ & ~B R E A T H E~

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