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W I L D M A M A ☽☥☾

I am wild, a sovereign being, flowing through this life which sometimes isn’t graceful.

I’m hungry, hungry for experience, growth, adventure, god, unity, connection and freedom. This hunger keeps me searching, learning, growing and evolving. But I must not over indulge, I must keep hungry.

I’m hungry for change and I’m hungry for comfort. Discomfort in the comfort initiates growth.

I’m Stepping up and out to express and except all parts of me, bringing my shadows to light.

“Every shadow contains a gift”

The barriers I’ve created between myself and life, with the aspects of me I’ve kept hidden, in denial to myself; my wild nature cannot be tamed but it will now be expressed in a healthy way.

I feel the call to unite with the divine and see clearly my need for unity and freedom. Unity with all aspects of myself and the divine, Freedom from my thoughts, freedom from my desires and freedom from the limitations created by my conditionings.

This year has started with a bang, an explosion of connectedness, sacredness, vulnerability, truthfulness and a new level of awareness of my mind and the reality it creates.

My mind can create anything, as a manifesting generator I must be mindful as each thought creates my reality, attracting life experience to me.


The hunger for adventure runs deep, the craving for the freeness of my old life, the life with no commitments, full of adventure, spontaneousness and risks.

How do I Chanel my wildness now that I have life long commitments as a wife and mother, how do I contain my hunger for adventure and boundlessness?

How can I healthily allow the flow of untamed wild, sporadic, boundlessness when it’s hard to even get a moment of peace on the toilet as a mother of a toddler.

I yearn to merge with nature and the ocean, in a timeless warp of depth and connection with the underworld. I yearn to be able to channel this need with my role as a mother.

I need space to have the capacity to endeavor this in a healthy way, I need time to find my sovereignty again as a mother. I need adventure to keep me connected with the ever Changing flow of life, giving and taking, sending and receiving, stillness and flow. This flow cannot be disconnected. If it is, all of life’s connections will dissolve.

I yearn for connection and yearn for freedom.

I need to Chanel my hunger and yearning to explore outer worlds, to explore my inner world, to tap into the unity within my own being and explore my mind an ever changing landscape or limitlessness.


“All feelings are journeys, and our suffering is a journey.

We have to honor it, we must even honor dishonour.

Dishonour runs deep, we dishonour ourselves everytime we don’t except how we feel or behave.

We cannot run from it, we have to feel it and be accountable for our feelings and our behavior, for our thoughts, for our self judgements and then we have a chance of letting go.

A process of awareness and contemplation is needed to let’s us see the issue at hand with space, we then create awareness.

We have to except our shadows, we have to honor our shadows. Life is about being accountable for ones state, but more often we blame others and don’t take responsibility for our own state.

It’s not so easy to account for ourselves as our own issues get intangled with the issues of others.


This is the dilemma; we arnt comfortable being uncomfortable. So we deflect our awareness out of the present moment.


We dishonour ourselves anytime

We blame anything on anything, there is no fault, we arnt perfect, we make mistakes.


Accountability means we are accountable and responsibility for our own aura, chemistry, thoughts, actions, emotions and feelings. We then can move through life in such a clean way with grace as we are accountable and all our accounts are settled, you don’t allow debts to build up.


When our soul really shines out, we even being to let go of the need for pleasure then we become grateful for whatever life brings and that’s gratitude, grateful for life.

Aware of death our qualities are transformed; Letting go of pleasure, We let go of pain and we except life and it’s rhythms: no longer a victim of the pain and pleasure cycle. Graciousness ..

When we stop judging ourselves we stop judging others- stepping into a space of grace ; graciousness.”

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