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The Shakti subconscious cellular upgrade with Theta brain wave frequency is a meditation to reprogram our limiting beliefs and patterns.
 As a feminine, creative beings we have the availability to, heaI, manifest our reality .


As we go to sleep each night and when we first wake up we have a direct connection to our subconscious mind through theta brain waves, this is extra potent the week before and week of our menstruaI cycIe when we have a direct connection to our subconcious. 

 By listening to this meditation with these empowering and liberating affirmations we have the ability to evolve our consciousness and over-right our limiting beliefs, patterns and conditionings.  


Holliea can work with you to create your own personal reprogramming affirmation recording through a process of compassionate enquiry and utilizing your personal Gene Keys chart, your personal blue print, through booking a personaI subconcious re-programming session we can create your own unique recording. 

Shakti subconscious healing meditation

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