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A NEW upgraded version of the Shakti Oil which now has See Bee Dee oil added with full spectrum cannabinoids. This healing oil has an empowering, Calming, pain relieving and healing effect.

These sacred feminine oils for healing the womb and aiding circulation, reducing pain for menstrual conditions, also can be used during and after birth .

A blend of Hormone balancing essential oils for circulation, healing and womb connection.

Base oils of MCT oil, castor oil and full spectrum cannabinoid oils; inc C B D

The added Castor Oil supports the healing of scar tissue and reduces inflammation. It is healing energetically but also physically. A Great healing tool for endo, fibroids, Pcos, preconception, during birth, post natally and menopause.

♡ Clary Sage

♡ Geranium

♡ Ginger


♡ Castor Oil

♡ Cannabonoid oil

Womb healing oil 50ml

$77.00 Regular Price
$61.60Sale Price
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