Distance Reiki & Pranic Energy Healing

Fire ceremony and Energy healing

  • 1 hour
  • Donation based
  • https://bit.ly/3wJ6wit password: shakti

Service Description

This session is done on Sunrise or Sunset with an Agni Hotra fire ceremony, followed by Pranic healing of your energy field, Reiki to align your chakras, opening up to any guidance from your guides and finishing with a Healy frequency healing and Aura analysis. If your not familiar with energy healing, let me explain. Reiki is a very simple process, but usually produces quite profound effects. The main purpose of an energy healing treatment is not only to support the physical body, but also to promote a positive mind so you can experience more joy in life. Energy healing can help with energy levels, managing the stress of daily life or when transitions are happening in their lives. Others will come to develop themselves spiritually and experience a greater sense of meaning in life. Many of my clients are well and want to stay that way so reiki helps them to maintain that harmony so they can respond to the challenges differently. After a treatment most people feel calm and relaxed and some say they feel energetic, clear-minded and productive.

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Go through gate to the right of the house, second sliding door on the left 6 Frederick Street, Charlestown NSW, Australia