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Morning Detox Lemon Water

Have you had a morning detox lemon water?

This seems to be something everyone has heard of but doesn’t quite persist with.

I couldn’t bare a day without first cleansing my body and kick starting my metabolism.

At night you breath out toxins through your mouth so it is supper important to clean your mouth, teeth and scrap your tongue as soon as you wake up, first thing! Next most important is to flush the digestive system and kick start your metabolism with a warm detox lemon water.

Dice or grade fresh ginger into bottom of large cup or plunger.

Add 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric. Poor 1/2 boiled water 1/2 cool Squeeze half a lemon And one teaspoon of honey.

Important not to heat the honey or the lemon above 37degrees as this kills the precious enzymes. To get the maximum Benefits enjoy your detox drink sitting down and breathing deep between sips .

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