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๐™ฝ๐šŠ๐š๐šŠ๐š• ๐™ผ๐š˜๐š˜๐š— ๐™ฟ๐šœ๐šข๐šŒ๐š‘๐š˜๐š•๐š˜๐š๐šข & ๐™ป๐šž๐š—๐šŠ๐š› ๐™ต๐šŽ๐š›๐š๐š’๐š•๐š’๐š๐šข

Natal Lunar Fertile Phase: the idea that ovulation can be triggered when the moon is in the same lunar phase it was in at the time of your birthโ€”regardlessย of where you are in your cycle.What this means is thatย you potentially haveย twoย fertile windows: biological ovulation in the middle of your cycle, and the time each month when the moon returns to the phase it was in at your birth. (sometime these could connect as my ovulation usually does and it did precisely when i conceived my daughter)The concept of the Natal Lunar Fertile Phase was developed in the 1950s by Dr. Eugen Jonas, a Slovakian doctor interested in astrology and in the moonโ€™s relationship to womenโ€™s fertility. He worked with married couples who volunteered to be part of his research, and his studies found thatย 85% of pregnancies were conceived during this natal lunar phase, independent of the womanโ€™s biological ovulation phase. This may account for what the medical community refers to as spontaneous ovulation. You can read more about this in Lunar fertility by Francescaย NashSo how would this work for you?ย If you were born at the crescent moon, you are fertile during ovulation, but you are also fertile every crescent moonโ€“even if youโ€™re pre-menstrual, menstruating, or in any other phase in your cycle not traditionally accepted as a fertile time.And if you can synchronize your cycle so that you ovulate during your natal lunar phase, according to Dr. Jonasโ€™ findings,ย the probability of conception increases exponentially.To find your Natal Lunar Fertile phase, generate a moon phase calendar for the timeย of your birth by inputting your birthdate and timeย hereย  and matching the Phase degrees with the descriptions bellow or watch the video bellow with Shaeย to learn how to calculate it yourself.ย  I also recommend buying a chart from here, printing it and keeping it somewhereย so that each month you can see what days are your natal moon return to avoid pregnancy or for a way of optimising your conception times, and after that you can become familiar with the moon phases

and just look up in the sky..

Your Moon phase describes your personality profileย and reflects the basic pulse of your life. Your Sun sign is subtly, but essentially different depending on which phase of the Moon you were born under. The combination of Sun Sign and Moon phase creates a holistic description of an individual as it caters to the masculine/ yang (Sun) and feminine /yin (Moon) aspects of human nature.

The Eight Moon PhasesEach Moon phase is precisely 45degrees in Zodiacal longitude โ€“ which means it covers 45 degrees of space on the Zodiac wheel. The Zodiac wheel, like all circles, is 360 degrees, and our eight 45 degree moon phases add up to this number. Each Moon phase lasts approx 3ยฝ days.

The eight moon phases are

New Moon 0-45 degrees

(Waxing) Crescent Moon 45- 90 degrees

First (waxing) Quarter Moon 90-135 degrees

Waxing Gibbous 135-180 degrees

Full Moon 180-225 degrees

Disseminating (waning gibbous) 225-270 degrees

Waning, Third or Last Quarter Moon - 270-315 degrees

Balsamic or Dark Moon 315-360 degrees

Reflecting on what the moon is doing at each phase; i.e. gaining or losing light, helps to understand the intrinsic tone of anyone born under that phase. Generally the waxing cycle, from New Moon to Full Moon, is about growth, development and establishment, as the Moon itself grows in both size and light.

Waxing or WaningTypically individuals born in the first half of the moon cycle are involved in establishing new structures, systems and schools of thought. The waning cycle, from Full Moon back to New again is a cycle of release and return, as the Moon sheds light and size until she is no longer visible. These individuals, as a group, are involved with systems or structures that are old or ready for renewal and act as change agents.The New Moon is a point of fertile beginnings, even though no moonlight is present in the sky. The crescent, first quarter and gibbous moon phases have the Moon growing and gaining light. At the Full Moon the light peaks, gaining maximum brightness. Through the disseminating, third quarter and balsamic phases the Moon loses light, progressively getting darker.

The Moon and SoulIn verbally passed on astrological lore the Moon phases are often said to reflect phases of the soul, describing where you are in a series of eight tiers of incarnation. The theory suggests souls incarnate with new or different life/karmic themes at the start of the Moon cycle (i.e. at the New Moon) and that as your soul gradually masters aspects of these themes, youโ€™ll incarnate through progressive phases until you reach the final phase of release (Balsamic).There are four major and four minor Moon phases. There is no more importance in having a major versus a minor moon phase; they simply relate to the critical changes of the Moonโ€™s light and size at the four major phases.The four primary Moon phases are the New, First Quarter, Full and Third Quarter. The four secondary Moon phases are the half way points in each of the primary phases. They are the Crescent, Gibbous, Disseminating and Balsamic.

Fertility and CreativityThe Moonโ€™s phases are also linked to fertility, both in a physical and a creative sense. Each month when the Sun and Moon repeat the Moon phase at your birth (i.e. if you were born at the Full Moon, this occurs each month at the Full Moon), you have an opportunity to tap more deeply into your creative essence. Physical and intuitive sensitivity is heightened at this time.Your Moon phase return, which happens monthly, is like a moon phase birthday. It happens like clock work every four weeks and is believed to be a personal power period. A Czechoslovakian, Dr Jonas, uncovered links between a womanโ€™s lunar phase and โ€œspontaneous ovulationโ€ which transformed natural fertility theories through the 1950โ€™s. To this day, many women use their extra fertile Moon phase days to either avoid or attempt conception.

New Moon Seed planting โ€“ underground. In this Moon phase there is little light. Like the seed beginning its life beneath the soil, literally out of sight, those born at this Moon phase are full of energy and enthusiasm, but tend to shun the limelight. There is always a lot going on for New Moon individuals, but you wonโ€™t always know about all of it.New Moon individuals have a childlike quality. They are more innocent than most and perennially excited. Instinct often overrides logic. A strong desire for continually fresh experiences and new opportunities ensures they have many interests and hobbies. Energetic, lively and at times easily led, New Moon individuals are great at starting projects, but often fail in the follow through.The New Moon phase is the first phase and they are naturally drawn to beginnings rather than endings. ย Impulsive and quick to act, they make decisions based on gut feelings rather than practical concerns. They can be subjective and easily influenced by others but are full of courage and confidence, often daring to go where those around them never would. Their energy can sometimes scatter as they try too many

new things at once.

Crescent MoonGermination and sprouting โ€“ quickeningThe seed begins to emerge from the ground, tentatively putting itโ€™s feelers out in the world. Those born at the Crescent phase are full of all the energy and enthusiasm of the New Moon, but have an added touch of foresight. The blind rush to โ€œdoโ€ of the New Moon is tempered in the Crescent phase with awareness born from an instinctive knowing there is more to come. Crescent Moon individuals are quite creative and tend to direct their energy towards specific causes or goals.The Crescent Moon phase could be described as โ€œenergy with focusโ€. There is a tentative curiosity within Crescent Moon phase individuals which encourages them to explore after having done some research or preparation. Life is often lived with a sense of anticipation. The challenge for Crescent Moon phase individuals is to channel their anticipation into action.

First QuarterGrowth spurts โ€“ seedling becomes a strong plantThe first quarter Moon is the first critical point in the Moon cycle and there is an element of tension or nervous energy in the heart of all individuals born at this time. Like the planet which now must take risks as it pours energy into strengthening its position, individuals born at the First Quarter Phase are passionate, confident and natural risk takers. They are quick to act but can carry a chip on their shoulder, as if they are trying to prove something to the world. This makes them great leaders as they always rise to challenges. Anger need to be managed consciously and healthy physical outlets are important.A key phrase for this phase is โ€œCrisis in Actionโ€. First Quarter individuals can feel that life is a challenge they need to beat. They are ambitious, self motivated and independent and once theyโ€™ve decided to do something are hard to stop. Determination is one their key strengths.

GibbousBuds form, fruit growsThis Moon phase is about self development and perfection, symbolic of the plant who is now preparing itโ€™s offerings through fruit and flowers. Those born at this Moon phase are acutely aware of how important planning and organisation are. They strive to know as much as possible about themselves in order to excel in all areas of life. Devoting time to personal development and growth is nourishing and supportive for Gibbous Moon phase individuals. The desire to purify and perfect is a prominent life theme as these individuals constantly seek to improve their lives, their work and their relationships.Gibbous Moon phase individuals are precise and question everything. They are highly creative without being impulsive and seek new modes of self expression to honour their ongoing self improvement crusade. They tend to analyse both themselves and others, always trying to figure out what motivates different types of actions. Life is punctuated by periods of apprenticeship as they seek to learn their craft or develop skills from a respect mentor or master.

Full MoonFlowers in bloom, fruit ripensThe plant has matured and reaches the peak of its expression. Flowers bloom and fruit ripens. The plant stands in all its glory. Individuals born at this Moon phase generally lead fulfilling lives, rich in a variety of experiences. The Sun and Moon now stand opposite each other, witnessing the otherโ€™s complete glory. Full Moon types have a sense that once they find their mate, like the Sun finally in awe of the Moon, theyโ€™ll be able to grow even more. This is often true.Full Moon individuals are here primarily to explore the dynamics of relationship and constantly seek/ attract key partners. It is through the learning and awareness that arises out of being in relationships that Full Moon individuals find meaning and satisfaction in their lives. Finding a significant other, be it a personal or professional partner, is usually the catalyst for great periods of growth and success in their lives. Throughout their life, they are constantly working with and learning about the tension of opposites and what it means to work in harmony with people who are different from them. Itโ€˜s a lifetime of illumination.

DisseminatingFruit falls, seeds drop, flowers fadeThe primary theme of the lives of Disseminating individuals is โ€œgiving backโ€. The Moon comes off her Full peak; the tree starts to drop flowers and fruit. The gifts of success are now offered back to society. Through some form or another, Disseminating phase individuals are involved in teaching or spreading their very important message. They may write, research or become active in community issues. Through their life they are working with the archetype of the โ€œteacher/preacherโ€. They are here to enjoy the moment and learning to maintain awareness in the present is a key lifetime goal.Disseminating Moon phase individuals buck convention and break traditions. They are truly here to go their own way. Like the term โ€œdisseminatingโ€ itself, which refers to distribution, Disseminating Moon phase individuals are here to convey information through any means possible. They share the most valuable or meaningful of their own experiences as they spread out, communicate and connect with others. Like the gypsies of old, they are almost always on the move.

Third QuarterLeaves mature, start to change colourThe tree becomes bare as leaves change colour and begin to fall. The question of meaning and purpose is paramount in the life of Third Quarter types. For them, the mid life period, from the late thirties to early fifties, is filled with change, as previously conservative or mainstream Third Quarter individuals make dramatic shifts, embracing alternative life choices to pursue a life aligned with their personal philosophy. Often there is a key event through this time which acts as a catalyst.Friends, family and colleagues may struggle to understand why, at the heights of their career, Third Quarter types walk away from all theyโ€™ve built up. This phase is described as a โ€œCrises in Consciousnessโ€ which reflects the importance of acting in accordance with their beliefs. Third Quarter Moon phase types are constantly re-valuating the old, and as they move through life, turn away and discard old patterns. Many cut ties with the beliefs or philosophies of the culture or community in which they were raised. There is an urgency that drives them as if they know they wonโ€™t always continue along the same path. Third Quarter types easily combine instinct with creativity.

Balsamic Leaves fall, plant either dies naturally or withdrawsThe hermit is an appropriate image for the Balsamic Moon Phase. The tree goes into retreat; bare, barren and still, it lies dormant until the next spring. Those born at the Balsamic Phase have entered a lifetime of closure and completion. Significant relationships are about completing themes from previous incarnations together. Karmic connections with others lead to lots of short, intense relationships. They tend to be very good at leaving.Time alone to reflect and process is essential for Balsamic phase individuals. They are often loners who enjoy the company of a select group of people. Spirituality is a key theme as Balsamic types seek to understand the big questions of life as they subconsciously wrap up a karmic cycle. Balsamic Moon phase types generally experience success later in life and are often loners. They are wise and complex visionaries who can see beyond the demands of the immediate future. They are here to distil the essence of previous life lessons. Balsamic moon phase types are often quiet, retiring and resilient. They have a powerful ability to transform.

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