A disease can only take hold in a woman when her shakti is depleted and her rhythms are out of sync with mother moon – Sri Swamini Mayatitananda

As Women our menstrual cycle brings with it the gift of a deep connection, a connection to mother nature, a connection to the feminine. This gift allows us women the opportunity to evolve through self awareness and self realisation each month, the chance to raise our consciousness.

Connecting to the Shakti, the feminine essence.

If you observe nature you will notice the multitude of rhythmic cycles. There is the 24-hour cycle of the sun as it revolves around the earth: as each day becomes night and then becomes day again. There is the rhythmic cycle of each season, the heat of summer, expansion, fertile, time of action and extroversion. Autumn, a transition season, a time to detox the body and a time to start to turn inward in preparation for winter. Winter, the depth and darkness of the year cycle a time for hibernation, nourishment, inward focus, reflection and contemplation. With spring comes another important time to detox the accumulation and stagnation of winter, energy and creativity starts to be projected as we become more active and outdoors and the energy builds back up to the summer peak.

We have these same cycles in ageing;

Maiden = Urge to be – Spring energy – Kapha

Mother= Place to be – Summer energy- Pitta

Crone= Creates space to be- Winter energy – Vata

Ayurveda is the practice of observing nature’s rhythms, living with awareness and aligning ourselves with them. We honor the cycle of the sun by sleeping at an appropriate hour. We acknowledge the shifting seasons by favoring a seasonal diet. We honor the phases of our lives by being students as children, striving toward our ambitions as adults, and the art of being present and contemplative study as we age.

As women, we have additional senses of rhythm that connect us to the cycles of the moon. Each month, a woman’s body has the ability to cleanse and rejuvenate itself through her menses.

A 28 day lunar cycle is the same as a women 28 day menstrual cycle.

Our ancestors in tribal life with a deep connection to nature and it’s cycles; women bleed together with the new moon and ovulated with the full moon.

These days most women’s cycle is flipped and out of balance due to stressful daily lives, artificial lights at night and electronic fields in the home. Or perhaps the evolution of the modern women requires her to be more active in her role in the community that she bleeds on the full moon which softens the pull for internal inquiry.

Ayurveda teaches that this cyclical sway of energy exists inside each woman to cause her to wax and wane between experiences of self-inquiry and interactions with the external world.

Being aware of the current moon phase during your cycle will help you connect. Spending regular time in Nature will help your cycle sync with the lunar cycle.

See how the following applies to you if your menstrual cycle, If your Week one isnt with the new moon you will find you are either more connection to your internal rhythm (which becomes your week one during menstruation) or if you arnt menstruating you are more connected to the moon phase as it influence’s you mentally, physically and emotionally. If your cycle is irregular, missing or an issue; these practices and awareness will help you to understand your monthly cycle as you as an embodiment of the divine feminine wax and wane with the moon inside you.

Take note on your cycle, moods and realisations over the next month, judge it against the current moon phase and start to become aware of your personal moon cycle.

In Ayurveda, the shakti prana of every woman exists in her womb. Her strength is found here and affects her on every level of her health. The cycles, the wax and wane, the natural emotional flow of the female is regarded as sacred. Ayurveda teaches that it is interwoven within a woman’s DNA to be an emotional being that fluctuates in emotional experience. This emotion is what makes her beautiful. It births her psychic nature, attunement with the cosmos, intuition and empathy.

These 28 days are broken up into 4 weeks. Each week has a different energy, a different purpose in the evolution of the feminine. Honouring your Rhythms each month will reduce and then alleviate any menstrual issues. you will feel more connected to yourself and nature. You will also have a new awareness and understanding of PMS and alleviate having any menopause issues later on.

Week one- Day 1-7 – Crone- South- Vata phase

New moon (Winter energy)

During the new moon time, the natural period of menstruation, women are invited to take advantage of their sacred time of natural purification by going inward, extending meditation, refraining from intense activities, and allowing rest.

“Thinning of the veils”, Yin/feminine energy, bleeding, letting go, shedding old stuff, low energy, inward energy, transformation, space and quite time.

To honour your cycle and this intensive “detox” process it is time to rest deeply for at least the first day or two of your bleed. Allow all your energy to be internal, avoiding as much physical, mental and emotional stimulation and exertion.

This is hard in the modern world but any effort is better than none. To utilises this powerful and sacred time to honour yourself, connect with your needs and not the needs or wants of others. Be true to yourself. If you don’t look after yourself first you wont have the energy and capacity to look after others throughout the rest of the month. Menstrual conditions like clotting, pain, cramps and brown spotting and blood are from not honouring your cycle and resting the first couple days your moon cycle the month prior; which is an imbalance in apana vata.

Week One- Physically – The endometrium is shedding the old lining, The pituitary produces LH & FSH to start producing follicles in the ovaries ready for next months ovulation.

Recommended tools: Ritual of releasing, writing and burning what you need to release. A powerful time for contemplation and to set intentions and affirmations; Planting the seeds for this cycle ahead. detox the body, light nourishing, easy to digest foods. Rest the body and rest the mind. Massage yourself, have a rejuvenating bath. Nadi shodhana breathing practice, heart and womb meditations, meditative contemplation. Journalling: what do I release and what intentions do I have for this cycle?

Week two- Day 7-14 – Maiden- East